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Case Study

Case Study

Performed a thoracocentesis procedure and aspirated 400+ ml of pus-like fluid.

✅ CASE NO. 1

👵 65 yr old female patient K/C/O with Chronic Kidney disease with anemia, Hypertension & Rt pleural effusion presented with an X-ray showing a large homogenous opacity in the Rt lung with a history of Pleural tapping done twice in another hospital.

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😇 Happy to share that I have performed Two Thoracoscopic biopsy in the last 15 days.

✅ CASE NO. 2

57 yr old patient with moderate pleural effusion. Was undiagnosed for almost 1 month. The clinician referred me for a biopsy and the procedure was performed at the consultant’s Hospital.…

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Happy to share a few cases of Bronchoscopy I have performed recently.

✅ CASE NO. 3


20-year-old Women presented with a history of Cough, Breathlessness, and Difficulty in swallowing with an alleged history.…

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