Allergen Testing Specialist | Skin Prick Test

What is allergy?

Allergy is an abnormal response of the immune system to an antigen, a damaging immune response by the body to a substance, especially a particular food, pollen, fur, or dust, to which it has become hypersensitive.

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What are the symptoms of allergy?

  • Nasal symptoms, running nose, blocked nose, sneezing, itching, rhinorrhea, wheezing, cough.
  • Abdominal cramps, diarrhea, vomiting, hypotension.
  • Anaphylactic reaction rashes, itching, urticaria.

Allergies sometimes can be life-threatening.

  • Allergies are common in children.
  • People with asthma and skin diseases have more chances of having allergic reactions.
  • People with allergic reactions have more chances of developing asthma.


What are the common substances causing allergy?

    • Substances causing allergies are known as allergens.
    • There are four common allergens: Pollen, dust, fungi, and animals.

    Testing For Allergy

      • Allergy Blood test: Blood tests measure the amount of IgE antibody circulating in the blood. In general, these tests are not specific to a particular allergen and are therefore not easy to interpret; both false positive and false negative results are possible, and the presence of IgE in a test does not necessarily mean that the substance is actually causing the patient’s symptoms.
      • Allergy skin prick test: Carried out by the pulmonologist or an allergy specialist in Borivali. Skin Prick Test is a simple, safe, and quick test, providing results within 15-20 minutes. The skin prick test introduces a tiny amount of allergen into the skin, eliciting a small, localized allergic response, in the form of a wheel (bump) and flare (redness) at the site of testing.

      Allergy skin prick test

        Which patients are suitable candidates for Skin prick allergy testing?

        • Patients with allergic rhinitis, asthma, food allergies and rashes, itching, urticaria, and stomach upset.
        • Children up to 5 years of age depending on how cooperative they are.

        Pre-requisite for the patients before the skin prick test:

        • Jewellery and watches should be removed.
        • Males are advised to shave their forearms.
        • Patients have to stop antihistamines, anti-depressants, and corticosteroids 3 days before the test.
        • Topical medications can be used.
          Preferably patients should stop beta blockers.

        Areas where the test is to be performed

        • Forearms
        • Upper and lower back


        • Preferably the test is done on the forearms.
        • The area is cleaned with spirit, and circles and grids are to be marked according to the list of allergens.
          Allergens are arranged according to the list.
        • A small droplet of the liquid is placed on the skin.
        • The Lancet is used to prick through the droplet at an angle of 45 degrees and the skin is gently lifted.
        • Blood is not drawn while pricking.
          Lancet is wiped with a sterile cotton after each prick.
        • Interpretation should be done after 15-20 minutes.

        Interpretation of Skin Prick allergy test:

        • 2 reactions are seen, wheal and flare which indicate that the test is positive for the allergen.
        • Interpretation is done according to wheal size in mm.


        Here are some tips to manage allergies at home:

          • Encase bedding in allergy-proof covers: Mattress, box spring, and pillows.
          • Avoid certain materials: Feather pillows, down comforters, and wool blankets.
          • Regularly wash bedding.
          • Use hot water for washing.
          • Reduce dust collectors: Remove stuffed animals, wall hangings, knickknacks, and books from the bedroom.
          • Opt for minimal carpeting.
          • Wear a filter mask while cleaning.
          • Manage pet allergens: Minimize exposure by using shades instead of blinds and maintaining cleanliness.
          • Prevent mold growth.

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